Our Alumni

Lambda Chi Alpha (Alpha-Xi Zeta) prides ourselves on having a vast alumni network. Having been around for 100 years, we happen to have alumni all around the country with backgrounds in just about every occupation possible. Currently our goal between the active and alumni brothers is to establish a housing corporation and grow our alumni advisory board.

Alumni Advisory Board

The Alumni Advisory board is a group of alumni brothers that oversee the active brotherhood. Their objective is to assist officers and active brothers by answering questions and providing resources. Their other goal is to help get active brothers in contact with various other alumni brothers in search of occupations, or information.

Housing Corps

Currently in the process of being formed, the housing corporation's goal is to basically form a corporation for the Alpha-Xi Zeta of Lambda Chi Alpha. This corporation will then be used to raise money to ideally purchase our chapter house and various other amenities.


Our fraternity is not allowed to self-fundraise, but we can gladly accept any donations. Donations will go towards the chapter house and alumni events. If you are interested in joining, you can click the button below and be directed to our Paypal.